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Golden doodle's head poking out of burnt orange car window.

Other Services

Sometimes you need extra help

Simple colored drawings of pet food bags and one food can.

Pet Supplies Shopping

If you run out of pet supplies while you are out of town, Maureen can make that trip to the store for you.

$25 minimum

Watercolor image of a front door with seasonal wreath.

Home Check (no pets)

Are your pets staying with a friend or family member? Maureen can still come by and water your plants, check doors and windows, adjust lights and blinds, collect mail and packages, curb the trash, and other requested services. Enjoy peace of mind while you're away.

20-minute visit: $23

Vector art set of house keys.

Lockout Service

Lock yourself out? No need for a locksmith. Maureen can bring your keys to your home.

$25 minimum

Additional Time: $5 extra/every additional 10 mins

Holiday Surcharge: $5/visit

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