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Maureen Has Many Feline Friends

Cat care is more than scooping the litter box and serving fresh food and water. Active, exploratory cats can end up in places they do not belong and bashful cats need to be checked on too. Maureen offers the peace of mind you need to enjoy your vacation or to focus on your business trip. Travel worry-free knowing your cat and home will be cared for by a consistent, reliable, experienced pet sitter whose heart is in it.

Cat Care Visits Include:

  • Daily Visit Report

  • Snuggles & Playtime

  • Feeding

  • Fresh Water Refills

  • Litter Box Scooping

  • Disposing Visit Waste

  • Administering Oral Medication
    (if needed)

  • Companionship

  • Home Security Check

  • Rotating Lights

  • Adjusting Window Coverings

  • Retrieving Mail & Packages

  • Plant Watering

  • Accident Cleanup

  • Curbing Trash & Recycling


15- to 20-minute visit


30-minute visit


40-minute visit



Additional Cats: $3 extra/visit/cat

Additional Time: $5 extra/every additional 10 mins

Holiday Surcharge: $5 extra/visit



How are my home and pets protected while I’m away?
Charlotte City Pets is insured through Pet Sitters Associates LLC. Through the online portal and during the initial in-person consultation, Maureen gathers information related to home security and your pet's care needs, behavioral tendencies, and any health issues to round out the pet profile. The service contract you sign electronically includes a release to obtain emergency veterinary treatment.

When are your pet sitting services available?
Charlotte City Pets offers in-home pet care services 7 days a week/365 days a year.

How do I schedule my first visit?

Call Maureen at (980) 337-0607 or go ahead and sign up online. After you set up your account and book the service you want, Maureen will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time for the in-person Meet & Greet.


Why is a consultation necessary?
The in-person Meet & Greet is complimentary and required for all new clients. It gives all parties an opportunity to get to know each other and is especially important for pets to meet their new caretaker in the presence of loving owners. As a general rule shy cats do not make themselves personally available to strangers, but the consultation still works by introducing timid pets to the new pet sitter's lingering scent. There is a fee of $20 for any additional meetings.

Can I book service at the last minute?
Yes. However, acceptance of your last minute booking will depend on Charlotte City Pet's availability. In addition, new clients are required to schedule an in-person Meet & Greet before service begins. And there are extra fees to consider. NON-HOLIDAY SERVICE: Requests received less than 24 hours in advance are charged a late booking fee. HOLIDAY SERVICE: Schedules fill up quickly with service requests booked weeks in advance, plus deposits are required to confirm the schedule. The best way to avoid late fees and get the care you want, when you want it, is to book early.


Should I tip my pet sitter?

A gratuity is not required but will always be appreciated. If you do wish to leave a tip, please write a separate check in the pet sitter's name or leave cash.

Will you pick up pet supplies if I forget?
Under normal circumstances picking up supplies is not a pet sitter responsibility. However, Charlotte City Pets does offer pet supplies shopping when you need the help. You will be charged for additional visits that may be required, all shopping expenses and a pet errand fee.

I’d rather not have a pet sitter visit my home, do you offer boarding services?
Charlotte City Pets does not offer boarding or pet daycare services. Don’t be afraid to tell Maureen you’re reluctant to let a stranger into your home while you travel. Call (980) 337-0607 and let's chat.

How many dogs do you walk at the same time?
Two dogs from the same household is Maureen's limit and this policy assumes both dogs have been trained to a reasonable level of on-lead cooperation.

Do you have cancellation and early return policies?
Yes, but only because Maureen needs them. See Policies for more information.

Can you administer medication to my pet?
Yes, Charlotte City Pets can administer topical or oral medication if the pet does not object to being handled.

Do you return my keys/fob/key card after I return home?
Yes, Maureen can return your keys/fob/card after you return home. However, there are pickup and drop-off fees.

Are you trained in pet first aid?
Yes, Maureen is Red Cross trained and certified in pet first aid and CPR.

How often should you visit to care for my cat?
The cat care minimum requirement is one visit per day though some cat owners prefer morning and evening visits.

What happens when the weather is bad?

Rain or shine, scorching hot or frosty cold, Charlotte City Pets will be there for your pets. Maureen never failed to show up in spite of Philly weather which can be extreme. Here in Charlotte, summer downpours with thunder and lightning can alter the dog walking schedule. Your dog’s patience will be rewarded when the storm subsides. Rest assured when severe weather happens, you will be kept in the loop.


Are you taking a business trip or planning a long-overdue vacation? Are you planning to return to the office? Charlotte City Pets offers professional pet sitting services for Uptown pets and the people who love them.



Schedule your FREE Meet & Greet today. Maureen can't wait to be your go-to pet sitter!